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Disclaimer: The tracks listed above are not my original creations, but tracks I have recorded, mixed, mastered, and/or produced.

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  • Benjamin

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    Birth Date: 05/11/1995Place Of Birth: Erie, PAOccupation: Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Live Sound Engineer


    Music has always been a passion for me. I got my first CD in 3rd grade and borrowed my older brother's CD player and listened to it on repeat for countless hours. The next year, I picked up the guitar and slowly became more proficient and began to dabble in other instruments like bass, drums, and piano. I was in all of the bands and choirs that my high school had to offer, and it was during high school that I learned of my passion for audio engineering. I would constantly tinker around with the audio equipment at school and at church and was always trying to figure out how everything worked and even found a lot of ways to improve them! In college, I started recording and mixing a lot of music and going on tour with different bands running sound and taking care of their tech equipment, and fell completely in love with music production even more. What some may consider very tedious, stressful, and difficult work is something that I enjoy spending long hours messing around with. I have keen ears and a strong work ethic from years of hard work and experience. I have worked with a wide variety of people, artists, and organizations, and I would love to work with you as well!

    What I can offer you

    I am a live sound, and recording, mixing, and mastering engineer with lots of quality experience that you can read about in my resume below, and I would love to help with whatever you have to offer!

  • He is one of the most respectable men I know! The true definition of kind and passionate.

    Gilbert Nanlohy - Integrity Music
  • He is excellent at what he does, and an even better person. I couldn't be happier with his work and all the effort he put into it. He is easy and fun to work with, and I hope to work with him again in the future!

    Jake Brown - Client
  • He is not only punctual, responsible, reliable, and works harder than most. He adds tremendous value to everyone he works with, and I have no doubt that he will exceed your expectations.

    Robin Crow - Dark Horse Recording
  • He proved to be one of our top interns and is a positive influence to everyone around him. His devotion and drive to gaining as much experience as possible is infectious.

    Kelly Robinson - Dark Horse Recording
  • He has impressed my colleagues and I with his passion, hard work, eagerness to learn, critical thinking skills, and commitment to gaining co-curricular experience.

    James Leightenheimer - Cedarville University

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This is an article describing why I do what I do, and why you should choose to work with me. (more…)

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I hope to explain in this article what I do, as well as what I charge (more…)

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About me


  • Experience Number of tracks : 8

    Album Name: Experience

    Artist: Ben Rys & Friends

    Release Date: 2017/04/17

    Genre: Christian


    This album is my first attempt at studio recording, mixing and mastering.  While I am happy with how it turned out, I realize that there is a lot that could have been improved with the album and my skill has grown significantly since.  I created this as my junior project at Cedarville University.  I played some part in every song, whether it was electric guitar, upright bass, drums/percussion, acoustic guitar, piano, vocals, or my artistic arrangement.  I was also very blessed to have help from a lot of very talented friends to help me create this.


    1. How Great Thou Art/All…

    2. Praise to the Lord the…

    3. Simplicity

    4. More Than Useless

    5. Revelation Song

    6. Even So Come

    7. When Yourind’s…

    8. When Yourind’s…

PeopleI've Worked with

Rose Factor                Stuart Leach                Gilbert Nanlohy                    Washington Heights Baptist Church

Jake Brown                 Resonance                   Cedarville University            Robert Rhodes

Rekindle                     Andy Hunt                    Robin Crow                          Dark Horse Recording Studios

Laura Skaggs              Elevate Church            Madeline Steward


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I look forward to working with you!

(814) 969-3430
70 W Chillicothe St.
Cedarville, OH 45314

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